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Hip Replacement

Arthritis in hipHip pain is a common problem for middle-aged and elderly Americans, and arthritis is the most common cause. If arthritis-related hip pain interferes with your quality of life, your doctor will first recommend conservative treatments such as medications and cortisone injections. Eventually, hip replacement surgery may be your best option. Turn to the experts at Franciscan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, located throughout the South Puget Sound region of Washington.

Get your questions answered about hip placement.

Find out if hip resurfacing is right for you.

Taking the first step

Find an orthopedic physician who specializes in joint replacement.

Meet a doctor at a free Health Talk. One of the best ways to better understand your condition and meet a Franciscan doctor is to attend a health talk. There, you can get your questions answered by one of Franciscan’s leading orthopedic specialists and find out what you need to know about the latest treatment options for joint replacement, foot and ankle pain, back ailments, sports medicine topics, and more.