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Joint Replacement for the Knees and Hips

Franciscan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine clinics are are located throughout the South Puget Sound area of Washington to offer the region’s best in joint replacement surgery and post-surgery care. The orthopedic surgery teams are among the best in the nation in years of experience and expertise in using some of the newest and most promising advancements for successful joint replacement surgeries, with a focus in hip replacement and total knee replacement among other joint surgeries. Surgical advancements include:

Computer-assisted joint replacement surgery, also known as minimally-invasive surgery, where doctors use state-of-the-art tools to improve the degree of accuracy, and enables them to make small incisions for less bleeding, pain, and often a faster recovery.

Hip resurfacing, a procedure often used in younger, more active patients so that a future hip replacement, if needed, can be done only one time.

Taking the first step

For hip or knee conditions, an evaluation with an orthopedic surgeon will determine whether a joint replacement is an appropriate course of treatment for you. Find an orthopedic physician who specializes in joint replacement.

One good way to meet a physician is by attending a free health talk to get your questions about joint replacement answered by one of Franciscan’s leading orthopedic specialists.

Joint Camp

Once surgery is decided upon, Joint Camp is available. Joint Camp is a comprehensive program held at Franciscan hospitals that helps groups of joint replacement patients prepare for surgery, learn about recovery and rehab, and create a more positive and successful experience.