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Community Navigators

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society Resource Center assist patients with practical concerns as they embark on their cancer journey. This navigator is not a medical team member, but a resource support person for patients and their family members. This person offers assistance with wigs, prescriptions, utility bill issues, and links to support programs and other community resources.

Based on the patient's area of residence, the Resource Center provides resources for transportation to cancer appointments and register the patient for classes to improve their quality of life during and after cancer treatment. The navigator's services are free of charge and available to any cancer patient, caregiver or survivor in the community. This service is a collaborative effort between the Franciscan Cancer Program and the American Cancer Society.

The resource center is here to help Franciscan patients in the Puget Sound area with:

  • personal needs
    • free make-up and skin care class with a licensed cosmetologist
    • free hats and wigs
    • free transportation program
  • medicine and medical supplies
    • clinical trials
    • Health Well Foundation
    • partnership for prescription assistance
  • support and Comfort
    • support groups for patients and caregivers
    • free Cancer Resource Center with computer access
    • free organizer for your cancer records
    • a Gloria’s Angel’s team to support you through your cancer treatment
  • basic needs
    • Tacoma Public Utilities
    • Salvation Army
    • community food banks
  • local and national charities
    • Komen Foundation
    • Cancer Lifeline
    • cancer care
    • free legal resources

Community-based cancer navigators

Community-based lay breast cancer navigators serve high-risk women in the community who may lack access to breast cancer screening and care. Franciscan's award-winning breast cancer navigation program is a collaboration with the Korean Women’s Association with major funding provided by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

This program focuses on assisting low-income, primarily non-English speaking women in getting mammograms and appropriate breast cancer care if they are diagnosed with breast cancer. The program provides navigators in the Spanish-speaking, African American, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer (LGBTQ), Cambodian, Vietnamese, Korean, Laotian, Samoan, Chamorro and other Pacific Islander communities.

Community navigators are not medical providers, but they are available to assist women with finding a doctor, scheduling a mammogram, arranging assistance with transportation, accompanying women to appointments as needed, advocating for women during medical appointments, diagnostic procedures and treatment, assisting with locating resources, and supporting women with breast cancer through their healthcare journey. They can work with all other navigators to assure that each patient has the best medical care, the resources needed, and the support and friendship that can make a real difference during and after a cancer diagnosis.

Meet our community cancer navigators.