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Breast Cancer Program

Breast cancer can be successfully treated, especially when caught early before cancerous cells spread to other parts of the body. Early detection, including annual mammograms starting at 40, and timely treatment for breast cancer, can save your life.

Franciscan Cancer Care services

Franciscan Cancer Care treatments

Franciscan Health System provides multidisciplinary care, or a team approach, to patients with breast cancer. Through this team’s collective experience, a treatment plan is designed for each individual patient inclusive of her unique circumstances. Treatment plans may include one or more of the following:

Breast oncology: In treating breast cancer, a number of therapies may be recommended, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other methods that target and kill cancer cells by interrupting the mechanisms through which they grow and spread.

Radiation oncology: This treatment uses high-energy x-rays to treat many types of cancer, including breast, uterine, ovarian and pelvic cancer. (Do not confuse it with radiology, which is used for screening and diagnostic purposes.) We off image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), which creates three-dimensional images that pinpoint the exact size and location of tumors, enabling more precise, higher focused doses of radiation delivered directly to cancer cells, while sparing surrounding tissues.

Breast surgery: Franciscan attracts the region’s top surgeons to its team, which provides expert treatment to patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Meet our dedicated surgeons, who are part of the Franciscan Cancer Center team.

Breast reconstruction: A wide range of plastic surgery techniques are used to restore the normal shape and size of the breast, usually following a mastectomy (breast removal). Learn more about our expert reconstructive and plastic surgeons: Dr. Willcox , Dr. Nichols and Dr. Cohen.

Franciscan Cancer Center locations

Franciscan offers patients in the Puget Sound complete inpatient and outpatient oncology care in:

Franciscan’s advanced breast care surgeons, oncologists, navigators, and specialized staff and facilities are there for the communities across the Puget Sound region to obtain accurate and timely diagnosis of breast disease, and collaborate on breast diagnosis and treatment through multidisciplinary care team.

Franciscan partners with board certified radiologists, who specialize in mammography, certified technologists and other experts who are dedicated to excellence in breast care. Learn more about our breast screening services.