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Student and Faculty Online Orientation Steps

Step 1

Read the Orientation packet, answer the post orientation questions and check the answer sheet as a self-study. Do not send the orientation packet, the post orientation questions or answer sheet to Student Placement.

Step 2

Print and sign Student and Faculty Orientation Acknowledgement.

Step 3

Print and sign Student and Faculty Confidentiality Agreement.

Step 4

Print, sign and complete the Clinical Placement Northwest Collaborative Student and Faculty Clinical Passport Requirements (CPNWP). All boxes must include a response. Send completed orientation acknowledgement, confidentiality agreement and CPNWP to your school representative for them to verify and sign off on content of CPNWP.

  • Immunization specifics: Franciscan Health System requires a 2 Step TST for each student. The first skin test must be read 48 to 72 hours after administration. If the first TST is negative you must obtain a 2nd TST within 1-3 weeks, then annually after that. If your annual TST lapses, you must complete the 2-step process again. Franciscan Health System does not accept QuantiFERON (QFT).  
  • Required education specifics: Franciscan requires,
       1. Fire Safety Protocols training or module
       2. HIPAA training or module
       3. Infection Prevention training or module
    Modules are available at:
    Student login: student
    Password: cpnw  
  • Background Check (including Disclosure Statement) Franciscan requires:
       1. National Criminal Background Check including Excluded Provider Search on OIG and GSA upon admission.
       2. Washington State Patrol Check WATCH report upon admission/readmission and reentry/hire to nursing program to include all counties of residence, all Washington State counties per RCW 43.43.830 through RCW 43.43.842 annually thereafter.  

Step 5

School representative to send complete, verified and signed Student and Faculty Orientation Acknowledgement, Student and Faculty Confidentiality Agreement and CPNWP via scan and email to: Student Placement Coordinator, or fax to: 253-573-7280. See Step 7 for additional paperwork requirements - St. Elizabeth Hospital only.

School representative, when submitting for more than one student; please do not send each student’s paperwork as a separate scan. Send completed paperwork as a combined group.

Step 6 - Nursing Students and Nursing Instructors only

  A - Print and bring Franciscan Student Didactic and Franciscan Clinical objectives form to your first clinical day. Thereafter, a Franciscan Clinical objectives form must be brought with you every day of your clinical.
  B - EPIC Student Nursing and Facility Training/Registration form

Step 7

Read Badges and Temporary Parking Permits. Follow directions for the facility you are assigned to or teaching in.

Step 8

St. Elizabeth Hospital, Enumclaw students and faculty only: print, sign and send to your school representative the INWHS computer access and INWHS Resource Management Security Agreement.

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